It all started once as a humble salon run by Tanya Bryhn. With a passion for beauty, music, art, and culture, WOWBROW has emerged as a symbol of elegance and strength. From our first salon, we have grown to five, touching the lives of our customers with over 50,000 treatments that not only enhance beauty but also boost self-confidence. Our journey has been marked by innovation, commitment, and unparalleled expertise in eyebrows. As the preferred brand for eyebrow treatments in Norway, recognized by both customers and the media, we have not only set the standards but continually raised them. In 2023, WOWBROW launched its first product in the market. WOWBROW Brow & Lash Serum quickly became a favorite among customers and a bestseller in numerous beauty stores in Norway and Sweden. Tanya's expertise has not only captivated clients but also caught the eye of the media. Tanya and her groundbreaking work have been featured in various prestigious publications, a testament to her mastery and influence in the beauty world. A crowning achievement in her illustrious career was being chosen by ELLE, a beacon in fashion and beauty, as their brow and lash specialist. This recognition by ELLE is not just an accolade; it's a validation of her vision, skill, and the transformative impact she has on the beauty industry. Tanya is more than just a specialist; she's an innovator, an educator, and a visionary. Her journey with WOWBROW is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the power of skill, dedication, and the art of beauty.