Wowbrow - The Brow Brand

Eight years ago in Norway, a visionary couple, began a remarkable journey. While expecting their first child, Tanya discovered Microblading, a then-unknown beauty technique. She quickly became a sought-after expert, transforming brows with artistic precision. Meanwhile, Marco's expertise in design and digital presence gave life to their vision. They decided to fully commit to this venture, birthing Wowbrow.

Wowbrow, born from a genuine passion for beauty and an entrepreneurial spirit, rapidly grew into more than a brand; it became a mission to revolutionize brow and lash care. Marco and Tanya's dedication led them to become pioneers in the industry, transforming the Norwegian beauty landscape.

Now, as they step onto the global stage, Wowbrow is not just a brand but a symbol of confidence and elegance. Their journey from a home-based business to a beacon in the beauty industry is a testament to their courage, innovation, and the transformative power of believing in a dream.

Tanya Bryhn - The Founder

Her expertise has not only captivated clients but also caught the eye of the media. Tanya and her groundbreaking work have been featured in various prestigious publications, a testament to her mastery and influence in the beauty world.
A crowning achievement in her illustrious career was being chosen by ELLE, a beacon in fashion and beauty, as their brow and lash specialist. This recognition by ELLE is not just an accolade; it's a validation of her vision, skill, and the transformative impact she has on the beauty industry.
Tanya is more than just a specialist; she's an innovator, an educator, and a visionary. Her journey with Wowbrow is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the power of skill, dedication, and the art of beauty.